Lisa Jiamsirioungkul

Hello! My name is Lisa


I am a gritty product leader who enjoys solving real-world problems. The core of what I do stems from my passion of connecting with people and improving the world - both professionally and personally

My curiosity and constant willingness to learn gives me the opportunity to collaborate and work with others in teams to pinpoint and better understand people's behaviors, intentions, and motivations. All of which I think is a good starting point to any product thinking - as it allows the creation of clear, thoughtful, and meaningful solutions.

Beside my love for curating product experiences, you'll get to know my craving for gourmet food (especially ice cream), swooning over cool packaging design, and checking out new releases of virtual reality games.

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My Background


My bachelors degree says I graduated in Business Admindation, but actually have more under my belt. I spent my college years devoted to numerous fields of study. I couldn’t settle on a single course of study because I was interested in so many things. I wanted intellectual stimulation, a collaborative environment, a creative outlet, and meaningful work. I spent a lot of time jumping between the medical, chemistry and business field before finding coding in my later career.

My interest in coding dates back to elementary school, when I used to create Xanga websites in Word. I thought that it was amazing that you could create something tangible and interactive through simple text in an editor! Of course, at this time, I was mostly playing around with HTML and CSS and my Javascript knowledge was limited to inline scripts that I mostly copied verbatim from search results.

I came back to coding because coding skills became so crucial to live, adapt, and thrive in my everyday job. Coding helped foster my commitment to life-long learning, daily personal growth, and unending curiosity.

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