Creative Coding

Making Coding for Kids Fun!

Posted 3/30/2017

Creative Coding for Kids

Scope of Role:

Led brand strategy; authored content and tracked interaction with web analytics tools. Provided client with website enhancement proposals to address user-experience and SEO. Components included: curriculum content, brand positioning recommendations, as well as email marketing and lead cultivation.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Responsible for brand image and oversaw sponsorship support from local companies such as Zillow and Seattle Public Library.
  • Developed 4 semesters of teaching plans and curriculum needs for 2 coding programs
  • Studied 120 parents’ feedback to enhance go-to-market strategies for the summer program which lead to a 65% increase of student attendance compared to 2017’s
  • Guided 84 elementary students through 30 weeks of UX design principles and coding coursework
  • Coordinated with 30 teachers to develop an online learning solution that addressed the students’ learning challenges and coding accessibility

Asking Questions

I loved watching my team build new relationship and the brand interaction with local communities and businesses. We were always trying to solve problems by asking questions to how we can improve. Within our parent community, we notice there was a heighten concern with kids safety. To address this, we made “Be safe” rules within our course. Showing examples of how to be safe in a classroom, from physical safety to internet dangers, help our students and parents


Favorite part:

Check out what I helped my kids built

Other than managing the company outreach & sponsorship, helping kids build games and animations is a blast!