Case Study of F5 Network

Making critical decisions with data

Posted 7/25/2018

Case Study of F5 Networking using Data Science

Big data, analytics, business intelligence…

These topics are everywhere. Data has become a critical tools for managing any business functions, including marketing, operations, and sales. Data science is fueling a movement to invest in machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), and data warehousing since it touches many facets of our lives.

What does this mean for F5 Networks? It means application delivery has becomes more important than ever; it effects all traffic flow around the network, getting it from where it originates to where it’s analysed and finally to where those insights are acted on. Because of these effects, F5 is looking to get the best out of big data through scaling how big data technologies is viewed. Digital Transformation was born from this mission.

Digital Transformation at F5 is about changing customer experiences and this position their selves in the forefront of F5’s digital strategy and execution. F5 is passionate about fact-based decision-making (“let the numbers do the talking”) and is comfortable translating the insights into a coherent story using visualization tools. With DT, it aims to understand how their customers interact, want to interact with F5 across their journey, and for translating that information into irrefutable business insights that inform digital transformation prioritization.